Tours they'll actually write home about

Spotlight special exhibits, host educational tours, highlight the best of your attraction, and give your guests a visit to rave about.


So, how does it work?

Get creative

Turn your tour on its head

Delight guests with unique experiences that are as entertaining as they are educational. Use the interactive app to encourage visitors to explore and connect with your location.

Easy to set up, join, and repeat

Create your Experience, then keep it running for as long as you need. It's easy for guests to find your Experience with a unique join code, and the intuitive app is a breeze for people of all ages to use.

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Build buzz to drive traffic

Whether your Experience is ticketed or free, generate awareness and interest for your attraction by sharing guests' photo, video, and text submissions in your marketing and social media.

Well, that sounds like a no-brainer…

It takes less than 10 minutes to create your first Goosechase Experience. And it's free. Get started today.

How do tourist attractions use Goosechase?

Improve your guest experience with an interactive app and flexible, engaging, educational experiences totally unique to you.

Spotlight your best features

Need to build excitement for a new attraction or breathe life into your permanent collection? Customize your interactive experience to guide guests where you want them to go.

Not everyone is a fan of the guided tour, and we get it. Give your guests the opportunity to explore on their own time with immersive Missions that are both fun and educational.

The expertise may be yours, but make the experience all theirs. Fill your Experience with Missions that encourage exploration, introspection, and connection with your location on a meaningful level.

Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events

Tourism toolkit

Missions, ready to go!

There's no need to start from scratch. Take inspiration from 100+ Missions in the Goosechase Mission bank, or visit our blog for extra ideas focused on guest experiences for museums, historical sites, science centers, theme parks, resorts, and more!

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Pre-made missions

It's go time!

Giving your guests the experience of a lifetime is a tall order. We've got you covered. In just 10 minutes, you'll be on your way to creating an outstanding tourist experience.

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Resources to give guests a visit to remember

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