How to join a Goosechase Experience

Joining in on the fun couldn't be easier. 5 steps is all it takes to start enjoying your first Goosechase Experience.

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First, get the app

If you haven't already, download the Goosechase app. Search ‘Goosechase’ on the App Store or Google Play, or click to download from the buttons below:

join the experience

Join the Experience

Once in the app, choose to play as a guest, create an account, or log in.

Next, search for the name of the Experience or enter the unique join code. Select how you'll appear in the game - as an individual player or as part of a team, and away you go!

Complete Missions

To earn points, complete Missions from the list. Mission types include photos, videos, checking in at specific locations, or answering questions and riddles.

The Experience creator can review all submissions and award bonus points, so put your best feathers forward!

complete missions
see the action live

See the action... live!

Scope out the live leaderboard to see how the Experience is progressing. You can pull inspiration from what others are doing, or give big thumbs up to the submissions you think are awesome.

Celebrate, share, repeat

The Experience may be over, but the good times keep rolling. Scroll through the activity feed to see everyone's submissions, toss out some likes, and bond with other participants!

save the memories

Try it now
for free

Build and run an Experience today. Create as many missions as you can muster, invite up to 3 teams, and watch the magic happen.

big goose party
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