How to organize a Goosechase Experience

Creating and running a Goosechase Experience is easy. And fun! Follow these 5 simple steps to create your first.

Go here to learn how to join a Goosechase Experience.

Start with the basics

Sign up for a free account and start building in the Goosechase Experience Manager. Give your Experience a name, photo, and description to mark it as yours. The more unique, the better!

Need help building your Experience? Add co-organizers who'll have the same editing and moderating access you do. Many wings make light work!

create your game
choose your missions

Choose your Missions

Did you know Goosechase can be used for onboarding, team building, K-12 education, campus orientation, and recreational Experiences? The opportunities are endless.

Each Experience is a collection of Missions for participants to complete for points. Use our bank of ready-to-go ideas, or create your own. The weirder the list, the wilder the chase.

You can even automate when Missions appear and disappear throughout the Experience to keep participants on their toes! Create endless combinations of tasks with photo/video, text, and GPS options available.

Add custom branding

Make it your own! Add a custom "splash screen" for participants to see when first joining the Experience. This full-screen image is used to highlight your organization or sponsors, and let your participants know they've joined the right one.

Within each Mission, you have the opportunity to include a link and photo for extra context, brand awareness, or sponsorship promotion.

custom branding
track the action

Wings up, it's go time

When your Experience is in flight, you can be as hands on or hands off as you want. Don't have time to monitor the activity? Great, the Experience is built to run seamlessly without any intervention from you. Sit back, relax, and wait to find out who wins.

Want more control? With real-time activity feeds and rankings, you can adjust scores, award bonus points, or add and delete Missions on the fly. You have the power, if you're ready to accept it.

Celebrate, share, repeat

The goose has been chased. The Experience is over. Now what?

Using the live leaderboard and reporting dashboard, crown the winners and analyze your Experience to see which Missions and submissions were a hit, and who your most engaged participants were.

Download submissions and re-live the fun by sharing with your participants after the Experience has ended.

review and save

Try it now
for free

Build and run an Experience today. Create as many missions as you can muster, invite up to 3 teams, and watch the magic happen.

big goose party
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