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to do good.
So are we.

Our goal is to make the world more fun, playful, and human by helping you create delightful interactive experiences for your communities.

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Hi, we're Goosechase

We've got experience

…in experiences. With more than a decade of Goosechase under our wing, we know what it takes to create community events and activities your people will love . Ask us; we love talking to our customers!

You talk, we listen

Listening to our customers has led to co-managed Goosechase Experiences, Mission types, in-app messages, post-Experience analytics - for you, by you.

Work + Play

Surfing in the middle of a Wednesday? A 4-day week and fully remote team means our flock fits work around their lives, and not the other way around.

We're good eggs

Bootstrapped, profitable and committed to giving back to the community. Three pillars that show we intend to be here for the long haul.

Inspired by scavenger hunts, evolved by you

Our long-term vision is to be the interactive experience platform that allows people to engage, educate, and activate communities through unforgettable experiences.

Our story so far

The bird brains behind it all

Spread across the map and constantly flying into different timezones, but all on the same page. Find us in #food and #pets channels or playing with fire on Giphy roulette.

Adam Rafeek

Adam Rafeek 🍻

Lead Software Engineer

Adam was recently named Ball Thrower of the Year by his corgi mix, Ollie. When not working on defending his title, you can typically find him hacking away on his latest personal project or re-organizing his extensive Magic: The Gathering collection.

Alex Stylianoudis

Alex Stylianoudis 🏂

Head of Legal, Finance & Operations

A lover of all things Christmas and a specialist in financial and legal... stuff. Knows the entire script from The Office and most likely to be on his way to the airport. Passionate about streamlining and automating legal and financial processes.

Alice Ralph

Alice Ralph 🐇

Lead Product Designer

When she's not jamming in Figma, you will find her watching live music, reading, or attempting to master a new skill. Alice loves building things, making art, and understanding how things work - and design combines all of those!

Allan Godding

Allan Godding 🌴

Lead Android Engineer

Allan's been coding little green robots since Android 1.0. He can most often be found playing ultimate, golfing, surfing, or travelling to sunny destinations (to do more surfing).

Ally McDermott

Ally McDermott 🧜‍♀️

Customer Operations Specialist

Spends her days embroidering, watching TV (there’s likely nothing she hasn’t seen), playing games and talking about hairless cats! Ally's passionate about helping others and finding solutions, believing anyone can succeed when given the right tools.

Alyshahn Kara

Alyshahn Kara 🧸

Chief Revenue Officer

Obsessed with making sales more human and something that customers look forward to and enjoy! Alyshahn believes a happy team = happy customers. He's always looking for ways to spend time with his husky Zoey or to tee it up at golf courses around the world.

Amber Charron

Amber Charron 🛁

Customer Success Manager

Keen to the title ‘Scavenger Hunt Expert.’ She believes in a human approach to the customer experience and is continually looking to incorporate goose puns into any conversation. Her goal is to try every hobby under the sun but commit to none of them.

Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross 🌯

Founder & CEO

Proud inventor of the perfect breakfast bagel. When travelling, he spends days searching for all the tastiest food & coffee spots, making a list of deliciousness for each destination. A huge advocate of remote work & obsessed with creating the perfect distributed team culture!

Attila Hegedüs

Attila Hegedüs

Lead iOS Engineer

A true Apple fanboy and ex-pro Gomoku player. Attila is very enthusiastic about iOS development - always striving to deliver honktacular releases while keeping up with the latest and greatest. When not writing 1s and 0s, he loves to explore the world as a plant-based cyclist.

Craig Cordell

Craig Cordell ⚡️

Community Manager

Currently walking his dog Foster and listening to Springsteen, Craig is a proud member of the flock. Curious, kind, and creative, he is a passionate champion for the power of community, ready to make connections and build remarkable experiences for Goosechase creators everywhere.

Elisa Pallmer

Elisa Pallmer

Graphic Designer

You can usually find her drawing quirky characters while listening to the most chilling horror podcast. She is always ready to bring your ideas to life on paper, screen and even fabric... Currently trying her best to moderate her consumption of chili powder and K-pop videos.

Eric Chiang

Eric Chiang 🤘

Product Manager

Avid Hans Zimmer enthusiast who spends more time cycling than walking, Eric brings his background from the experience-creation industry to Goosechase as the expert in content creation and funnel building. He just got a new slow cooker and is always up for swapping recipes.

Erin Labrie

Erin Labrie 🌷

Account Manager

Obsessed with F1 and is convinced she was a race car driver in a past life. A spirited adventurer, in the summer she rides on the back of a Harley, exploring Canada and seeking the next best destination. Passionate when it comes to supporting others towards achieving growth and their goals!


Foster 🎾

VP of Fetch

Foster Joseph Clyde Cordell never met a tennis ball he didn't love. This good boyyee keeps the neighbourhood squirrel free, cuddles closhe, and can clear a room with a single toot!

Hannah Catmur

Hannah Catmur 🦦

Head of Design

Designer by day, birdwatcher and nature nerd… also by day. She worked with Apple to design one of the first hiking apps for Apple Watch (and presented at the Keynote!). Has a deep love for adventures, crosswords, and Katsu Curry. Plans to one day own a miniature dachshund to name Tiffin.

Harmony Mahaffy

Harmony Mahaffy 🎮

Senior Mobile Engineer

An avid adventurer both virtual & IRL, Harmony loves gaming & traveling with her family. She has background in Android & iOS encompassing FinTech, eCommerce, Wine, and Gaming. Harmony has a passion for making tech accessible to everyone. Ask her about her patent!

Jamie Hale

Jamie Hale 🎸

Head of Engineering

Jamie likes to program things. As a veteran software engineer, he brings with him a breadth of experience and a life-long passion for the craft. He skis. He takes things apart and often puts them back together again. He plays guitar and drums and Dungeons & Dragons.

Jesse Kaunisviita

Jesse Kaunisviita 🥞

Senior Software Engineer

Whether it's ant keeping, banjo playing, cooking, drawing, echolocating or flipping fat stacks of pancakes, Jesse loves learning and honing new skills. They are passionate about all things DIY and writing code that makes a physical impact on the world.

Joe Denomme

Joe Denomme 🍿

Account Executive

Always outdoors unless there's something good on TV, Joe is here to give out great ideas for events, how to build a fun team culture, or what podcast to listen to next. He's passionate about helping people find their next great adventure, whether it's within a Goosechase game or your weekend plans.

Katie Canton

Katie Canton 🙌

Head of Brand Experience

Creative storyteller who loves building experiences that educate, engage and make people smile! Truly believe a marketing team's success hinges on its ability to add value at every single touchpoint. An avid traveller, obsessive puzzler, and novice yet enthusiastic saxophonist.

Mia David

Mia David 🥟

Integrated Marketing Manager

Before joining the flock, Mia spent years in Public Relations for some of your favourite beauty and fashion brands. A dreamer, she is fascinated by the power of thoughtful art, copy, and design. A doer, she champions storytelling that is equal parts strategic and sensitive with a wink of good humour.

Natasha DB

Natasha DB 🧘🏿

Head of People

Has unrealistic dreams of becoming a Yogini and is just as focused on the wellness and happiness of the flock at Goosechase. As an unrealised Cabaret Queen, Natasha manages shows around London and often "performs" karaoke for her family and little dog, Raffi.

Radu Sepetan

Radu Sepetan 🤷‍♂️

Senior Software Engineer

Radu enjoys rising through the ranks in his favourite video games. When he's not climbing virtually, you can find him doing it physically at the bouldering gym. To give his mind and body a rest he enjoys watching movies, TV shows, and Formula 1!

Rafael Franco

Rafael Franco

Software Engineer

Rafael is passionate about football (not the American version) and his dogs. Between cheering for his team, he's a culinary maestro and a Pitaya plant commander. He also enjoys karaoke at home with his girlfriend and playfully wrestles over who's slacking off in Overcooked!

Rebecca Everson

Rebecca Everson 🧩

Community Coordinator

A dedicated teacher and proud Croc wearer, Rebecca is always willing to lend a hand and find the positive in the chaos of teaching. When she isn’t teaching or updating the Game Library, she is huddled under a blanket, drinking tea, and watching Gilmore Girls or the latest in The Bachelor!

Shalana Hunt

Shalana Hunt 🔮

Finance & Legal Specialist

As a lover of Harry Potter and The Office, she can be found curled up on the couch with her dog Sophie ready to press "Next Episode". When she isn't binging her favourite movies or TV shows, you can find Shalana outside getting a breath of fresh air with her furry friend!

Shara Khan

Shara Khan 💃🏽

Account Executive

The ultimate hype woman! Shara’s got your back, whether that be on the dance floor or guiding you through your first Goosechase adventure! She is here to help educate and inspire your next game. A big fan of paper crafting and will often have glitter-glue glistening everywhere.

Vasanth Nagasivam

Vasanth Nagasivam 👾

VP of Product Development

With his love of all things related to technology, gaming and startup culture, Vasanth is dedicated to improving Goosechase for all our customers. Away from his screens, you can find him photographing the world or hunting down the best plant-based junk food across London.

Phil Everson

Phil Everson

Will always be missed

Our Values

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we're serious about the commitments we make. We champion what we believe and we collaborate, doing our best for our customers and each other.

We trust each other

Radical Candor? More like Radical Gander. As a 100% remote flock, we trust each other to do our best work whenever it works best for us through openness and honesty. Put another way; we're honest enough to tell you if your jokes are bad but polite enough to laugh anyway!

Work-life balance is at the core of our culture because we know that there's a lot of fun to be had off the clock - if it's an adventure, you can count us in! We take the time to recharge, so we have even more energy to put into building a great product and delighting our customers.

Noticing when a teammate's pet got a new haircut or recognizing a customer for a stellar Mission idea - the strength of a nest is all in the details!

We love to try new things and experiment with innovative ways to push the boundaries in our roles. We are lifted by each other's encouragement and built on consistent, constructive feedback.

The best puzzles have different pieces (or else they would be terrible puzzles). We think work should be a place to share hilarious GIFs, Instagram-worthy food and hidden talents. Let's be real; actual geese can be a little bit naughty (we're looking at you, Canadian geese), so we make it our goal to deliver joy in every interaction to balance the scales a bit.

Simply put, it's a delight to work here.

We're always on the hunt for good people to fly with us. Could that be you?

Join our Flock

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