Hear “Let's do that again!” over and over again.

Doing good (no, great!) by your community is important to you. Give them experiences they'll actually want to take part in. A subscription with unlimited Experiences, participants, and co-managers makes it that much easier.

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A game plan for every goal

You're juggling a million priorities: educate your community on this, engage them in that. Having unlimited Goosechase Experiences (yep) in your toolkit means you can get it all done.

Room for everyone

With unlimited participants for every Experience, hitting a capacity limit is one thing you'll never have to worry about. Full focus can go to making your Experiences impossible to forget.

Many wings make light work

Co-manage games, run multiple at once, share and copy templates…with unlimited licenses, you and your team can easily collaborate to create the best Experiences possible.

Flying colors, every time

With a dedicated account manager, you can be confident your Experiences keep your community engaged and go off without a hitch.

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Take 5 Oil Change group
Take 5 Oil Change inspection

Take 5 Oil Change

Award-winning Team Engagement and Record-breaking Fundraising


Team building



Yes! We have an amazing library here full of pre-made Missions and templates that you can import into your account.

Goosechase Experiences are played using the Goosechase app on an iOS or Android device. Participants can choose to play as a guest or create an account and quickly join with a unique code. Full details on how to join an Experience can be found here.

With our Co-managing feature, you're able to invite collaborators to co-manage your Goosechase Experience from another account. Co-managers can edit Missions, participants, start and end time, and all other settings and attributes of your Experience. Full details on how to invite a co-manager to your Goosechase can be found here.

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