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Scavenger hunts for the masses.

The easiest way to organize and run a scavenger hunt.

Free for personal use, corporate pricing applies.

What Our Customers Say

“GooseChase was easily one of the best contests we’ve ever ran. Watching the photo highlight reel literally brought tears to my eyes.”

Kevin Michaluk

Founder of Mobile Nations

“GooseChase got people moving around, talking to each other in ways we couldn’t have even imagined at our Spring Break in Las Vegas!”

Misti Yang

Yelp Community Director, Las Vegas

“I was unsure going in - but GooseChase ended up being phenomenal. Well worth the investment.”

Iain Klugman

CEO of Communitech

“It was awesome! A Fantastic experience and I will definitely be using GooseChase again!”

Alison Canavan

Events Manager at QNX Software

Free for personal use, corporate pricing applies.