Electrify your campus orientation!

Shake up stale campus orientation events and set your school apart with orientation week activities students want. Build a tight-knit community from day one.

Campus orientations

So, how does it work?

Set up your experience

Set up your Experience

Get students running around campus in no time with Missions tailored to your school. Or choose from ready-made Missions.

Invite students to join

Let your students run wild! Watch as photos and videos roll in from across campus and around town. Award bonus points to the most creative!

Invite students to join
Reuse for new students

Reuse for new students

Easily duplicate and edit your Experience for every new cohort of students. Your Experience gets better with age!

Nice! Let me try it

It takes less than 10 minutes to create your first Goosechase Experience. And it's free. Get started today.

How do colleges use Goosechase?

It's a challenge to build a vibrant campus community.
Engage students from their freshman orientation through to graduation!

Orientation week ideas

Get incoming freshmen and transfer students familiar with campus and local hotspots. No more lame ‘icebreaker sessions’ - deliver an experience students will actually want to write home about.

Continue to build school spirit throughout the year with easy fundraising ideas and events. Award prizes that drive students to explore even further, like bookstore or meal hall gift cards!

Give local businesses the opportunity to reach students by having them sponsor Missions. Include their logos and promotion codes in the app and incentivize students to check out hidden venues and locations around town!

Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events
Extracurricular events

Campus orientation toolkit

Missions, ready to go!

There's no need to start from scratch. Take inspiration from 100+ Missions in the Goosechase Mission bank, or visit the Goosechase blog for extra ideas focused on student engagement, campus events and fundraising!

Get inspired
Mission inspiration

Let's get shakin'!

Easier than a TikTok dance routine, creating and running your first Goosechase Experience takes less than 10 minutes and results in 100% less injuries.

Get started
Campus game template

Resources to engage an entire campus

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