Create "Oh yeah!" and "I get it!" moments.
On repeat.

Give every student and teacher new, creative, and collaborative experiences that make learning more fun and effective than traditional methods. A school-wide subscription with unlimited Goosechase Experiences, participants, and co-managers makes it that much easier.

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Why should your school subscribe?

We also offer district-wide subscription options. Contact us to learn more.

Endless activities

In-class learning, virtual lessons, field trips, PD Days, PTA activities, staff socials…having unlimited Goosechase Experiences (yep) means it's easy to inspire active learning anytime.

Room for everyone

With no participant limits, hitting capacity is one thing you'll never have to worry about. There's a seat for every child, parent, and teacher here.

Easy to manage and share

With unlimited access for your entire school, every teacher and staff member has the tools to create out-of-this-world activities for their students - and themselves!

Flying colors, every time

With a dedicated account manager, you can be confident your teachers get the support they need to keep students engaged and inspired to learn.

Honks from happy customers!

Jessie Erickson

EDU Ambassador Highlight

Jessie Erickson, District Assessment Coordinator

"Have you ever seen High School teachers run down the hall during "Staff Development" days? I have - they were playing a Goosechase Experience!"


Teachers design interactive activities on Goosechase that ask students to show what they know by answering questions, submitting photos/videos, or checking in at locations. It's a fun way to explore new topics and review lessons!

To participate, our iOS or Android apps must be used. However, if your students have access to Chromebooks, or Macs with the M1 chip, they should be able to use our apps on their desktop!

Of course! Our Experience Template Library is updated with Goosechase Experiences, including hundreds of templates created by other educators like you. You can copy these to your account to edit, or use as is!

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