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How Organizing a Game Works

Want to learn how playing a game works? Learn How

Create The Game

Build your game on our website, giving it a name, picture and description to mark it as yours. Choosing a unique and memorable name makes it easier for your participants to join.

You can also set how long the game will run and whether there’s a password to join.

Choose Missions

Each GooseChase game has a list of missions for participants to complete. You can create your mission list using our bank of 100+ tested missions or by designing your own from scratch.

Missions have a name, description, point value and an optional link or photo to provide extra information. For text & gps missions, the answer and target destination must also be provided.

Track the Action

With real-time activity feeds and rankings, you’re able to see everything as it happens. Find an awesome photo or video a participant took? Give it bonus points! Another team took too long to submit the answer? Dock a few points or delete it entirely.

You can also set how long the game will run and whether there’s a password to join.


Implement Custom Branding

For premium events, we allow a custom “splash screen” to be added for participants to see when joining the game. This splash screen is typically a full-screen image highlighting your brand and creating a positive association for everyone playing.

Each mission has a name, description and point value, with the option of including a link or a photo to provide information.

Review & Save Submissions

Reviewing scavenger hunt submissions has never been easier. Sort by team or mission and adjust scores on the fly until a winner is declared.

At the end, download all the submissions with the click of a button. This is a perfect time to put together a slideshow of all the photos & videos for the participants!

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our existing customers think about GooseChase.

* Free forever for recreational use, corporate & educational pricing applies.