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How it Works

Excited to try GooseChase but not sure where to start? This is for you!

Step 1Create The Game

Build your game from the Game Manager on our website and add the missions your participants will complete to earn points.

When creating a mission, choose whether participants will submit a photo, a video, a text response or check in at a particular location.

Get started by creating a new game or with a template from our Game Library.

Step 2Start the Competition

Start your game from the Game Manager and instruct participants to join it from our iOS or Android app.

Once in your game, participants will be able to see your missions and complete them for points!

Step 3Track & Review Progress

Everyone keeps up to date through the Leaderboard and Activity Feed - keeping participants engaged and giving you realtime insight into progress.

At the end of your game, review all submissions as a group or individually at a later date. Consider debriefing the game and recognizing your winners!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students/staff participate individually or in teams?

It's up to you! From within the Game Manager, you can specify whether you'd like participants to compete individually or in teams. However, keep in mind this can impact the missions you use, as some will work better with teams than individuals.

How can the same game be used with multiple class sections?

By creating a single GooseChase game, and then duplicating it for each class section, you can run identical games for multiple class sections. By doing this, all submission and leaderboard data stay separate. Read more here.

Can I run a game to introduce my staff to GooseChase?

Yes! This can be a great way for staff to become familiar with how GooseChase can be used. To help get you started, download a copy of our PD kit.

How do students/staff join my game?

Joining a game is easy! Students/staff simply download GooseChase to their iOS or Android device, login or create a GooseChase account, and search for the name of your game. Read more here.