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We are a small startup with big ambitions.

The Inspiration

GooseChase is inspired by our passion for the outrageous. When you participate in a scavenger hunt, you’re moving around, interacting with strangers & having a blast.

But organizing a scavenger hunt is a lot of work! You have to bring everyone together, distribute the mission lists & score them afterwards.

We created GooseChase to simplify the whole process so we could get back the fun part of scavenger hunts! We also added a few key things, like real-time feeds & leaderboards, that we always thought would be cool to have.

The Result

The result? Success! And we haven’t stopped there - between feedback from customers & ideas we have while using GooseChase for our own hunts, we’re constantly iterating on the product to make it better. As the saying goes, you have to eat your own dog food to make a great product, and we’ve done just that!

The Team

Andrew Cross

Co-Founder & CEO

One of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet, Andrew fell in love with the mobile industry while working in Product Design at Apple. Since graduating from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2011, he’s participated in the VeloCity Incubator, the Communitech Hub & the Start-Up Chile program.

When he isn’t tackling whatever extreme sport he can get his hands on around the world, you can usually find him up to his elbows in code creating the next big GooseChase release.

Alyshahn Kara

Chief Revenue Officer

As part of the GooseChase family, Alyshahn is all about the customer. More than just a “sales guy”, his mantra is to “Help the customer have a successful event and the rest will follow". Sometimes that means getting on a last minute call, other times it’s simply sharing lessons learned over years of experience. Either way, Alyshahn is the man you want to talk to when it comes to running an incredible game.

In addition to his day to day work at GooseChase, Alyshahn is an active mentor in the local startup community, helping other startups improve their customer success habits. He’s also the proud owner of an adorable husky puppy, Zoey, who can be found running all over Toronto.

Logan Fuller


Logan helps the rest of the GooseChase team bring you the most fun games possible by ensuring that we're constantly cooking up new features and new ways of connecting. Calling Kitchener-Waterloo his home, he's always looking to learn as well as give back through the many meetups and events in the local startup community.

In his spare time, you can usually find Logan hacking away on his latest project, hiking, climbing, or travelling around the world.

Rebecca Yaffa

Director of Customer Experience

Rebecca loves helping GooseChase customers to have amazing scavenger hunt experiences! She is your go-to person for any questions you might have about how games are created or operated. Since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University’s Business Administration program in 2014, she has worked with non-profits and tech startups in customer support and event planning.

When she isn’t working, you can find Rebecca cooking, listening to podcasts, weightlifting, or strolling through Queen's park!

Katie Canton

Head of Marketing

Katie is a creative storyteller who loves building experiences that educate, engage and make people smile! She truly believes that a marketing team's success hinges on its ability to add value at every single touchpoint. An avid traveller, obsessive puzzler, and novice yet enthusiastic saxophonist.

Eric Chiang

Growth Marketer

Eric was introduced to GooseChase after participating in his first game (and leading his team to victory!) while travelling as a digital nomad in Central America. Having a love for all things competitive and a belief in the power of games to unite people, Eric is now a part of the team, designing and creating marketing content in order to spread the experience GooseChase can provide to organizations around the world.

In his spare time, Eric is designing his own board game, re-watching old seasons of the Simpsons for the hundredth time, and looking for the next warm destination to fly south to for the winter.

Alex Stylianoudis

Head of Legal & Finance

A lover of all things Christmas and a specialist in financial and legal... stuff. Knows the entire script from The Office and is most likely to be on his way to the airport. Passionate about streamlining and automating legal and financial processes.

Jamie Hale

Staff Software Engineer

Jamie wrote his first code on an Apple ][ when it was new and cool. As a veteran software engineer, he brings with him a breadth of industry experience and a life-long passion for the craft.

He skis. He takes things apart and often puts them back together again. He plays guitar and drums and Dungeons & Dragons.

Mike Ryczkowski

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Mike enjoys implementing new & exciting features with a focus on usability and user satisfaction. He began his career as a software developer with a tech startup in Japan, and was always driven to learn new things to further his career.

When not working, he can usually be found exploring the great outdoors, hiking, eating ice cream, or waiting for his next chance to travel somewhere sunny.

Attila Hegedüs

Senior iOS Engineer

Attila has always been fascinated by the capabilities of mobile devices and keeps up with the latest and greatest platform trends and technologies - especially on Apple's platform. He enjoys wrapping his head around software architecture, design principles, user experience and testing strategies.

When not coding, he is exploring the world on his road bike or making some noise playing guitar.

Hannah Catmur

Head of Design

Hannah has worked as a digital designer for a variety of startups, corporates, and larger agencies for over 10 years. Prior to GooseChase, Hannah worked for a hiking company - creating delightful experiences for hundreds of thousands of users to plot routes, follow trails and share their outdoor adventures. Whilst there she worked with Apple to design the first hiking app for the Apple Watch Series 2 and presented at the Keynote. (embarrassing YouTube video can be found online).

In her spare time Hannah loves exploring new places, by hiking or by road trip. With a love of travel Hannah has plans to relive a 6-month trip spent being a ‘digital nomad’ around South America. Naturally inquisitive, Hannah is a wildlife enthusiast and keen birdwatcher.

Kim Greenough

Product Designer

Kim has been a curator of visual solutions for a ton of different industries, from games to animation to VR experiences. With a love for creating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful, she found her way to product design, and subsequently to GooseChase! She loves coming up with creative solutions that make customer experiences next-level fantastic.

When she isn't working, Kim loves paddle-boarding, playing with her 2 dogs (and trying to convince her partner to adopt 5 more), trying new healthy recipes, and reading fantasy books. She loves to travel and explore, but when at home will also settle for exploring islands in Animal Crossing.

Joe Denomme

Account Executive

Joe always considers himself the voice of the customer and has spent his career creating exceptional customer experiences in events, retail and financial products. Joe's main goal is to understand your vision and help you bring your dream hunt to life. In addition to his work with GooseChase, he coaches minor hockey in Toronto and is passionate about building positive team cultures, and having fun while crushing your goals.

When he isn't working you can find him hiking, canoeing, or hitting any stand-up comedy show he can find.

Shara Khan

Account Executive

Shara has always had a love for people, making connections and simply just being there when needed. Having a history working with Non-Profit Organizations and Fortune 100 brands, she understands what it's like to plan, organize and execute events on all levels and the crazy chaos that accompanies it! Think of Shara as an extension of your internal team. She's someone you can talk to for guidance and transparency to help create the best experience using GooseChase.

When she's not working, Shara enjoys eating adventurous/trendy foods, playing in photoshop, and making handcrafted cards for her friends and family.

Erin Labrie

Account Manager

Erin’s approach to life is inspired by curiosity and a sense of adventure. Passionate about your GooseChase experience, she’s a creative problem solver who thrives on bringing your games to life in ways you never imagined. Loves bonfires, the great outdoors, and baking scones.

Amber Charron

Customer Success Coach

As a young gosling, Amber was raised in a household where scavenger hunts were the norm. As she has grown into a full goose, her love of puzzles and adventures has created a passion for problem-solving and creative learning. Amber now brings this passion to our customers, helping to guide them in their quest for a unique interactive experience. If you have a question, she will find you the answer!

When she isn’t working she can be found floating down the river on her paddleboard, cooking up a storm, or searching for amazing local lakes and waterfalls to splash in.

Rebecca Everson

Community Coordinator

Rebecca’s love for the classroom and her desire to one day become a teacher herself has lead her to be the Community Coordinator for GooseChase EDU. As a future teacher herself, Rebecca loves being able to see how GooseChase can be used in a real life classroom by engaging with educators on social media and showcasing some of the best games with our community.

When she isn’t working, you can find her helping out around her local garden centre, volunteering in the classroom, or out on the soccer field!

Phil Everson

While Phil is no longer with us, his impact on GooseChase lives on. We wouldn't be where we are today without Phil's dedicated efforts building our EDU program from the ground up and ensuring that our culture had a great blend of quirkiness and productivity, just like he did.

Rest in peace Phil, you will never be forgotten.