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We are a small startup with big ambitions.

The Inspiration

GooseChase is inspired by our passion for the outrageous. When you participate in a scavenger hunt, you’re moving around, interacting with strangers & having a blast.

But organizing a scavenger hunt is a lot of work! You have to bring everyone together, distribute the mission lists & score them afterwards.

We created GooseChase to simplify the whole process so we could get back the fun part of scavenger hunts! We also added a few key things, like real-time feeds & leaderboards, that we always thought would be cool to have.

The Result

The result? Success! And we haven’t stopped there - between feedback from customers & ideas we have while using GooseChase for our own hunts, we’re constantly iterating on the product to make it better. As the saying goes, you have to eat your own dog food to make a great product, and we’ve done just that!

The Team

Andrew Cross

Co-Founder & CEO

One of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet, Andrew fell in love with the mobile industry while working in Product Design at Apple. Since graduating from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2011, he’s participated in the VeloCity Incubator, the Communitech Hub & the Start-Up Chile program.

When he isn’t tackling whatever extreme sport he can get his hands on around the world, you can usually find him up to his elbows in code creating the next big GooseChase release.

Alyshahn Kara

VP Sales & Marketing

As part of the GooseChase family, Alyshahn is all about the customer. More than just a “sales guy”, his mantra is to “Help the customer have a successful event and the rest will follow". Sometimes that means getting on a last minute call, other times it’s simply sharing lessons learned over years of experience. Either way, Alyshahn is the man you want to talk to when it comes to running an incredible game.

In addition to his day to day work at GooseChase, Alyshahn is an active mentor in the local startup community, helping other startups improve their customer success habits. He’s also the proud owner of an adorable husky puppy, Zoey, who can be found running all over Toronto.

Phil Everson

VP Education

Phil helps educators take advantage of GooseChase in their classrooms, their lecture halls, and on their campuses. With roots at the University of Waterloo, he’s an active member of the Kitchener-Waterloo startup community and works to encourage more students to start companies. Apparently he tracks every minute of his day with Harvest (fun fact: he spent 117.28 hours sending emails and 154.03 hours in meetings last fall), is crazy about productivity, and eats way too many chocolate chip cookies.

When not working he can usually be found catching up on the latest episode of Suits, snowboarding, and/or talking about how he wish he could be snowboarding.

Emily Cross

Head of Customer Support

Because of Emily’s outgoing personality, she loves managing the customer support for GooseChase. She is your go-to person for any questions you might have about how games are created or operated. Emily loves interacting with customers and helping out in any way she can, with the goal of making the GooseChase experience the best it can be!

When she isn’t working, Emily enjoys travelling, eating cheesecake and being a passionate fan of the Toronto Blue Jays.