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What can GooseChase scavenger hunts be used for?

remote team building

Remote Team Building

Upgrade from the #water-cooler channel and create an online space for teams to maintain social interaction.

wellness programs

Wellness Programs

Host ongoing self-care and fitness challenges within your organization and use points to incentivize participation!

employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Incorporate an activity that encourages candor and creative expression into your new-hire welcome process.


Captivate players with unique missions

With Photo, Video, or Text missions, organize an experience tailored to your participants. Create your own or choose from over 100 pre-written missions from the GooseChase mission bank!

phone with missions
Live Submissions

Keep an eye on the action, live!

New submissions are visible to all players as they come in, making the game engaging for spectators too. A live leaderboard keeps competitors on their toes as they creatively outdo each other to earn precious bonus points.

Game Script

Schedule game events ahead of time

Pre-plan missions and messages with Game Script. Make missions time-sensitive or surprise players with scheduled new releases. Never miss a beat with periodic updates and announcements during multi-day games.

game script UI

How does GooseChase work?

create your game

Create your game

Contact us below, then create your scavenger hunt through the Game Manager on the GooseChase website.

notify your participants

Notify your participants

Announce the start time to your participants and have them join the game from our iOS or Android app.

and they're off

...And they're off!

Players and teams come together wherever they are to complete the missions through their mobile devices.


Ways that a virtual/remote scavenger hunt can add value to your organization and participants


Create an exciting group experience without the need for participants to be at the same physical location.


Encourage players to leave their comfort zones and think out-of-the-box to complete your missions.


Include learning opportunities about your cause to spread public awareness of your organization.


Download and share user-generated content to showcase the experience to future participants.