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Employee Engagement & Team Building

Running a world-class scavenger hunt has never been so easy.

Reward, boost morale & encourage collaboration among your employees

Employee Appreciation

Reward a job well done with a fun afternoon out of the office with something new & fresh.

Team Building

Reward a job well done with a fun afternoon out of the office with something new & fresh.

Facility & Organization Orientation

Help new hires become familiar with your organization or show off a new facility in an exciting way.

How it Works

Select Missions

Choose the missions you want your employees to complete.

Foundation History
400 pts
When the company was founded back in 1986, what was the address of our first official office?
High Five
500 pts
Take a picture of a team member expressing their appreciation for someone else & caption the photo with the reason.
Back to the Childhood
600 pts
Find a another team and submit a video of you playing a childhood game with them.
Secret Lab
700 pts
Check in from the brand new nano-technology lab in the Moonshot research facility.

Monitor Action

Easily track & reward the action from your computer.


Reward the best submissions with bonuses

Live Edit

Add new missions throughout to keep participants on their toes


Monitor the leaderboard to see how everyone is doing

Conclude Event

Conclude the scavenger hunt on a high note.

Gather everyone together for an end of game wrap-up (food & drinks are great here!).

Put together a slideshow of the best photos & videos - done in seconds with one click submission downloads.

Award prizes for top teams & best submissions.

Send out the best submissions over the next few weeks to keep memories top of mind & morale strong.

Case Studies

Don't take our word on it. Here is what our customers think.

Benefits Achieved

How GooseChase can benefit your workplace

Show employees they are valuable & the work they do is appreciated.
Boost morale with a fun event that shakes up the daily grind.
Increase future collaboration by breaking down collegial walls.
Improved onboarding for new employees & facilities.

* Free forever for recreational use, corporate & educational pricing applies.