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Running a world-class scavenger hunt has never been so easy.

Engagement so powerful, attendees can’t help but talk about it

Attendee Ice-breaker

Help break the ice and get people moving around, interacting with each other.

Exhibitor Exposé

Drive people to a range of exhibits, visiting the vendors in a fun, memorable way.

Venue Exploration

Encourage participants to explore different areas of the venue they might not normally see.

How it Works

Select Missions

Choose the missions you want your attendees to complete.

Yoga Mats
400 pts
Find the “Fab Yoga Mats” booth in Exhibit A & submit a video with one of their staff doing a yoga pose!
Startup Showdown
600 pts
Check in from the Startup Showdown area of the venue & put your favorite startup in the comments.
Mission “Swarowski”
200 pts
See if you can answer the riddle “Swarovski” has for you at their booth in Exhibit B. It’s a doozy!
Double Selfie
500 pts
Find a another attendee participating in this GooseChase and take a photo with them as if posing for a promotional boxing poster.


Brand the Game

Offer additional exposure to your sponsors & brand.

Set the game image & name

Add a fully customizable splash screen

Monitor Action

Easily track & reward the action from your computer.


Monitor and reward the best submissions

Live Feed

Promote attendee engagement with a live feed of the action at the venue


Monitor and analyze social sharing & mission popularity with hashtags

Case Studies

Choose the missions you want your attendees to complete.

Benefits Achieved

How GooseChase can benefit your conference

Highly memorable experiences to drive future attendance.
Recruit sponsors by offering increased exposure & positive brand associations.
Inspire elite levels of engagement among your attendees.
Exclusive crowd-sourced photos & videos for future marketing initiatives.

* Free forever for recreational use, corporate & educational pricing applies.