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New York City Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The endless urban jungle of New York City has been the site of rich history and architectural marvel. As the most densely populated city in the United States, it's no wonder that it's home to a number of landmarks recognized by people all around the world.

We've selected our favourite NYC scavenger hunt locations and listed them below. These would be perfect additions to any photo scavenger hunt or as check-in locations for an urban adventure race taking place in the Big Apple.

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New York City GooseChase Mission Ideas

  • 33 Thomas Street (Text) - What is the Skyscraper at 33 Thomas Street (formerly the AT&T Long Lines Building) known for not having?

  • 6th Avenue (Text) - By what alternate name is New York City’s 6th Avenue referred to as?

  • Catching Fire at the Rockefeller Prometheus Statue (Photo) - This Gilded, cast bronze sculpture by Paul Manship is located above the lower plaza at Rockefeller Centre. Head over and take a photo of you or a member of your team posing to catch the fire Prometheus is bringing down to mankind.

  • Chrysler Building (GPS) - This building was the tallest in the world for a mere 11-months before being overtaken by the Empire State Building.

  • Empire State Building (GPS) - This 102-story Art Deco skyscraper stands over 400 meters tall.

  • Grand Central Terminal (GPS) - This distinctive rail terminal is one of the world's ten most visited attractions, and has more platforms than any other train station in the world.

  • New York-Style Bagel (Photo) - New York City Bagels are rumored to be unique due to the city’s water that they are made from. Take a photo of you or your team members enjoying one from any vendor in the city.

  • Riding the Subway (Photo) - Take a photo of your or your team members on a New York City Subway train heading to any destination.

  • Sarge’s Delicatessen (Video) - Sarge’s is one of NYC’s most iconic Jewish-style restaurants open 24-hours a day. Head on over and take a video of you or your team members taking a bite out of any item on the menu.

  • Shaking a Paw at Central Park (Video) - Introduce yourself to somebody walking their dog at Central Park and take a Video of you or one of your teammates shaking paws with new their canine friend.

  • Sunflower Yellow (Text) - What line on the New York City Subway system uses yellow dots to denote its lines?

  • The One with the Cafe from Friends (Photo) - Take a photo of you or your team members outside The Little Owl Restaurant in the West Village. The building might look familiar to you if you’re a fan of a certain little-well known show from the 90s.

  • Times Square (Photo) - Sometimes referred to as "The Crossroads of the World", Times Square is one of the world's busiest pedestrian spots and heart of the Broadway Theatre District. Take a selfie of you or a team member pointing to your favorite billboard.

  • Bonus: Statue of Liberty (GPS) - It takes a ferry ride to get out to Liberty Island and stand at the base of this Copper Lady!

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